Ending Poverty, Homelessness, and Abuse

Children & Family Services

If you are interested in helping one of our residential programs through volunteer efforts, please contact Renee Toussaint via email or call 610-543-5022.

PathWays PA offers a variety of programs and services that help families, children and teens stabilize their lives. Descriptions of these programs and services are listed below.

Girls Shelter – Philadelphia

The Girls Shelter is a community-based residential facility located in West Philadelphia that provides runaway prevention and intervention services for teen girls who have runaway, are homeless or are at risk of being a runaway and/or homeless youth. The Girls Shelter provides emergency shelter services for young women 13-17 years old.

To learn more about the Girls Shelter, please contact April via email or call (215) 397-4287.

Center for Families (CFF) – Wawa, PA

The Center for Families is a residential facility for DHS-referred* homeless mothers and their children. Fifty or more persons reside at the Center at any given time. The CFF staff promotes education, teaches parenting and life skills, fosters self-esteem and moves women towards attainment of their life goals, family well-being and self-sufficiency. This program also promotes the healthy physical, emotional and social development of children through early childhood development programs; enrollment and maintenance of school aged children in the local school system; as well as summer activities and an after-school homework club hosted by volunteer teachers.

To learn more about CFF, please contact Lenora via email or call (610) 459-9177.

Project Peace Program – Delaware County

The Project Peace is a community-based program that provides parenting education, life skills training and educational mediation to pregnant and parenting adolescents, teen moms, and young mothers ages 13-24 years. Project Peace facilitates parenting groups and in-home case management within the community. Referrals are received through the schools, hospitals, clinics and the community-at-large.

To learn more about Project Peace contact Erin via email or call (484) 800-4405 .

Transitional Living Program (TLP) – Philadelphia

TLP is a community-based* program that provides furnished apartments for five homeless young women, over an 18-month period, while they continue their education, maintain a job or receive skills training. Group and individual counseling to pregnant adolescents and teen moms between the ages of 18 and 21 is also available. TLP assists young women in their transition to independence and is available to those who are not clients of the child welfare or juvenile justice system. Post-discharge, PathWays PA provides aftercare services to all young women and their children for up to one year. TLP also offers non-residential services, which includes case management, life skills training, counseling, therapy, transitional services and group programs.

To learn more about TLP, please contact Renae via email or call (215) 921-9672.

*DHS-referred: These residential programs only take residents who have been referred to us through the Department of Human Services.*Community-based: These programs accept homeless clients from the community. No DHS referral is required to become a part of these programs. 

If you need assistance beyond the services offered by PathWays PA visit the United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey’s 2-1-1 website for a list of additional resources.