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Every day, homeless women come to PathWays PA for help. 

Your gift will save a life.

Please help us raise $30,000 by June 30th for our residential programs for homeless women and children!

Lynne came to PathWays PA late one evening. She had no money or food, just a single bag of clothes for her and her young daughter. She was scared after having spent the previous night in what she described as “a terrible place,” and didn’t think it was safe to go back. Lynne had nowhere to go and felt totally alone.

PathWays PA welcomed her with open arms, a hot meal and a promise that tomorrow was a new day filled with opportunity. We gave Lynne and her daughter a home in one of our residential facilities and helped her begin to heal. Within a week, she and her daughter had restored their physical health and Lynne was gaining confidence in her ability to take care of herself and her child. With our help, she began setting goals for herself and overtime, she started to achieve them. Lynne no longer felt alone. Today, Lynne is on her way to earning her GED, finding employment and becoming self-sufficient.

PathWays PA has been helping homeless women since 1978. Please help us raise $30,000 by June 30th for these residential programs that provide homeless mothers, like Lynne, and their children with a safe shelter, a strong support system and the tools they need to become happy, healthy and self-sufficient.

*Name & photo have been changed

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